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We must receive confirmation of proof approval before any printing will begin.

The best way to accomplish that is to reply to the email proof. Approvals may also be printed out and faxed in. When you receive your proof please check for the following:

Layout and Spacing

Print the item or items out to size, making sure that the program you are using to print is not set to print fit to page, or has any scaling properties set. You want the document to print out to the actual size so you can judge the layout and size of the text and images. Viewing the files on the monitor will not give you a good representation of layout and spacing.


The colors that you see on your screen may not be exactly what will be the finished product. The image that you see on your screen, and the image that we see on our screen will not be the same. One small color adjustment to your screen can make the brightest blue look a little green. Printing out the document will help give an idea of what the final product will be, but it may still be slightly different when the actual printing is complete. The only way to get an exact match is to give us the actual sample of what is desired so we can match that to the finished product.

The 4 color printings are done using digital color process and gang print, therefor we can not guarantee that all colors on each order will match the original art or previous sample. Our goal is to provide realistic color that is a close representation of original photo or sample. Using the 4 color process system PMS/matching inks are not available, all inks are processed out.

The same image(file)  printed on different types of paper, different weight, different texture & different finish will produce slightly different color.

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